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Today I want to pay tribute to Trees, those majestic plants that often tower above us, shelter us and provide more for us than I can explain. Most of us respond to the presence of Trees without really noticing that it’s the trees making us feel that way. They make us feel peaceful and serene and like we are just in the right place. They help to restore our energy when we are lacking (which is almost always). We lay under them when were hot. We climb them when we are children. They come in many different sizes, shapes and colours much like us!

We plant trees for many reasons; be it to hide something, provide privacy, emphasize views and enhance architecture, for fruit or nuts or commercial use such as forestry. They can even provide strength for loose soil prone to slips, protect us from harsh winds, and act as noise filters. And maybe we just plant them because they are beautiful and we love them!

Trees offer so much for us and the environment. They moderate climate and improve air quality. They harbour wildlife; in particular birds, and provide them with food and shelter. We need Trees in order to live. We depend on trees and plants for oxygen, as they take in Carbon Dioxide and then release Oxygen. And we all know we need Oxygen to breathe. They also help to cool the earth as they give off moisture, and the more moisture in the air means more rain. And all living things need water.

Trees are a renewable resource for us, thus why we use them to make things such as our houses, furniture, paper, toilet paper! Take a look around you right now, how many things are made from wood or wood products. There are more than 5,000 things that we make out of trees. We even use their wood to heat our homes.

Tane Mahuta

Here in New Zealand we have a Tree named Tane Mahuta, which is the world’s oldest living Kauri tree. And he is a beauty! He is named after the Maori ‘Lord of the Forest’ and is estimated to be over 2000 years old. It is 13.8 meters around and 51.5 meters high, and resides over the Waipuoa Forest in Hokianga. All living creatures of the forest are regarded as Tane’s children. Trees really do have spirits; you can feel their spirit energy as you walk through a forest, it is almost palpable.

My request to you is that during your day take more notice of what they are providing for us. Take some time out to give the trees around you some attention. They are after all living creatures and your love and attention will be giving something back to them. Go and hug a tree, not only will you be doing something for the tree you will be doing yourself a favour. Bask in their oxygen splendour and life fulfilling energy.

Love & Light,

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