Are you radiating your Light?

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You have seen them, those people who just glow and always have a smile plastered on their face. Doesn’t life usually go well for them? I believe this is because these people are actively attracting good things to them by consciously radiating their happiness to the world.

When you are internally happy and joyful, your Light radiates for all to see. And you will attract back to you what you send out to the world. Like attracts like! Be one of these happy glowing people and consciously change your mood to Joy, Happiness and Love, in every moment of your day.

Whenever you feel yourself starting to project a negative attitude, pull yourself up. Plaster a smile on your face and tell yourself - “I am a Loving Joyful Happy being, who has only the best in my life. Everything is as it should be. Other people see me an instantly catch my happy bug.” Glow!

Love & Light,

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