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I came across a site that I think everyone should read. It’s called The Jeshua Channelings and is maintained by Netherlands couple Pamela and Gerrit. Pamela is a channeler, which means she can receive messages from spirits. And Gerrit is a regression therapist and accompanies Pamela during the channelling sessions.

Pamela claims to channel Jeshua or the spirit energy of Jesus. Now don’t stop reading because you think this is going to be all religious, because let me tell you it is far from the Christian religion we have all come to know. This Christian religion (as a lot of you will understand) has been wildly distorted to become what it is now. But it all started with good intentions, the intentions of Jeshua who came to us from the Christ energy that we all belong to. He came to tell us of the immensity of God’s love, and offer us the christed energy. But did not succeed as he came too early and we were just not ready for the information. But his coming had an impact on us at the soul level and eventually over much time many of us have awakened to the Christ energy.

On the site Pamela and Gerrit have got all of their Jeshua chanelings up for anyone to read. And I highly recommend reading them. They will help you to understand why things are as they are, and what you can do to help yourself to attain enlightenment. It certainly has opened my mind to a lot of things that I otherwise was not aware of, and I’m looking forward to exploring these further. I would love to hear from anyone who has read these and what you think of them. Did it all ring true for you? How did it make you feel?

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