Trust and the universe will provide..

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Well its been quite some time since i last posted... sorry about that. I started my studies about 4 weeks ago and its been keeping me so busy. I had been thinking about doing it for about 5 years and the universe kept giving me little hits and signs to do it so i finailly listened and man im glad i did. I have meet some amazing people, and just that in itself is worth it.

Last week though i was feeling really quite overwhelmed by it all and was having doubts about wheather i wanted to keep at it or not. We were all sitting in class one day and i was talking to one of the other students (lets call her sunshine :) ) and she mentioned that one of the other students and her had started doing meditations on thursday evenings at a friends house. I was like 'yes' thats just what i need right now! I had been craving to get back into meditating and had been finding it hard to get motivated, so she invited me to come along. Isnt it great how the universe just provides you with what you need if you just open up to it...

The other student didnt end up coming, so there was just three of us. I hadn't known sunshine for long really and was only still getting to know her, and the other chickadee i hadn't meet at all before. And opening up spiritually with new people can be hard sometimes, but it was so easy. Turns out we were all on a simlar level of understanding and the energy in the room was amazing. We did a short heart chakra meditation and afterwards we just talked for ages about everything. It was so uplifting to just talk to like minded people and just made me feel so good about everything. And during my meditaion i had a vision which helped me feel good about my choice to study what i am studying.

So now after all that i am confident again and feel so uplifed and blessed, and am so greatful for meeting these amazing people. So thanks guys! And i will see you again next thursday!

I really wanted to just put this out there that you need to trust in the universe and what you need will come. Be greatful and choose to be happy, because it is a choice and you can make it.

Love & Light,


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