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Last night I had a really great yoga session. And while we were all in Savasana my teacher read out the most beautiful text and I wanted to share it..


Savasana is a rest pose, it is an experience of the self.
It is the pose through which we discover softness.
It is the pose through which we dissolve into the earth.
It is the pose through which we begin to experience breath work.
It is a cool swim in a green river.
It is the underwater sound of the ocean.
It is the soft pulsing coral at the bottom of the sea.
It is subtle and magical.'
It is the experience of you in yourself.
Dive deep.

And while i was browsing pinterest yesterday i found the most beautiful and amazing clip of a yogi practicing. This is now my goal, i wish to be as strong and controlled and fluid in my motions as this woman. She looks so at peace and her body is the most amazing tool. I hope you enjoy as much as i did.

Love & Light,

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