Feeling bored of life lately?

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Feeling bored of life lately? Stuck in a routine rut, where you do the same things almost every day and wonder why nothing changes? Well I can tell you, nothing changes because you don’t make a change! Life is not boring and it’s not meant to be.

When I start to feel like this I try and do something different from my usual routine. Change it up a bit. For example; if you drive to work, you could try driving a different way. Or you could try taking the bus instead or even cycling.

If you always eat the same thing in the morning, try buying a different cereal or having something way off you radar like an omelette or a fruit smoothie or even try something that is traditional in another country.

Do you always run after work? Try running in the morning or try running around a different suburb. Are there any hills nearby? Try doing some hill climbing/running instead. Or try a totally different exercise that you have never done before. Such as a kick boxing class, Karate, rock climbing or rock and roll dancing. You might even meet some new people.

Take a drive on the weekend and go an explore your town, often we miss things that are right under our noses. Really look around you and take notice of the small things; such as all the birds flying about the park, and the beautiful flowers and majestic trees. You could even take a trip somewhere, whether it is a few towns over or a whole new country, a different place can give you a new perspective on life and a fresh outlook.

If you’re not enjoying your job, then don’t do it! Trawl the internet job sites and apply for something that’s completely different than what you’re used to. No one says you have to stay in the same line of work your whole life. Or you could even go to university and study something.

If you always wear your hair the same way, change it! Colour it, cut it, grow it and put in a crazy new style. Wear a flaming bring lip stick, or buy an item of clothing you wouldn’t normally wear.

Get a hobby, try a few classes. Such as; pottery, mosaics, glass blowing, scrapbooking. You could even try your hand at archery or clay bird shooting, even learn a new language.

Change = Good, and not a lot of people realise this. That as humans we need change, we thrive on it. But most people fear it; they live their life as they always have because they don’t think they should change or that it is ok to change.

Change your attitude!! Be happy and you will feel happy.

And don’t forget, imagination is not just for children!!

Love and Light

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